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From Relief to Resilience

Reimagining Investments

The events of 2020 revealed unvarnished truths that demand that philanthropic organizations take action to build economic well-being for all. This long-overdue moment emphasizes the critical need for strategies that provide a range of support to women and Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian people, who are struggling due to deep financial disparities. Today’s disparities are built on, and exacerbated by, long-standing inequities created by structural racism, sexism, and classism, which have limited financial security and overall well-being for those affected. This brief responds to the urgency of this moment, reimagining and building on past recommendations to map more just paths to economic resilience moving forward.

Now is the time for philanthropy to lead the way by investing in equity on purpose.

Background and rationale for embracing a funding framework that relies on an equity and antiracist lens.

An investment framework to move the country from relief to resilience using an intentional equity and antiracist lens through 3 broad strategies.

High-level recommendations gleaned from past AFN briefs, supplemented by further research.

Eight case stories from local and national funders that are applying an equity lens to support Relief through Resilience



Christi Baker

Program Officer,
Asset Funders Network

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did on the Relief to Resilience brief. The framework was helpful with assessing our current grantee portfolio. Our Board agreed that the brief is the best AFN has put out! Thank you for making my job easier!”

Lisa Kawahara | Friedman Family Foundation

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