Louisiana AFN is a regional chapter of grantmakers who advance equitable wealth building and economic mobility. Members include private, public, corporate, and community foundations, public-sector funders, and financial institutions who want to help Louisianans secure economic stability, for now and for years to come. Louisiana AFN connects funders and their peers in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors. Together they share promising programs and smart strategies, gather knowledge to make their grantmaking more effective, and work to increase investments in asset building.

Louisiana AFN was launched in April 2019 as a regional affiliate of national AFN. Membership is open to funders who invest in a range of initiatives that build assets for Louisiana, from early childhood education, college access, or workforce development to health, financial capacity, or micro-enterprise. Grantmakers investing in Louisiana should contact Brandon Rapp or Abby Hughes Holsclaw if interested in joining this chapter.

How We Work

  • Connect: Louisiana AFN members support peer-to-peer learning and cross-sector collaboration. Members identify and leverage replicable and scalable high-impact strategies and innovative approaches to connect and inform influential funders of actionable investments. Members provide an insightful voice to inform both regional and national conversations.
  • Build: Louisiana AFN works to increase the number of grantmakers and resources focused on strategies that help low and moderate income people build and protect assets. Members leverage one another’s interests and investments and actively look for additional funders willing to co-invest in Louisiana.
  • Inform: Louisiana AFN members learn from one another and other stakeholders as they seek solutions to local challenges. The chapter hosts issue-based programming and calls-to-action that reflect research and philanthropic thought leadership that highlights actionable roles for philanthropy. While focusing on a variety of topics, the chapter gathers local leaders and national experts together to share data and ideas, promote innovative approaches, and help establish common language to build collaboration.
  • Influence: Louisiana AFN is working to raise the visibility of asset-building strategies within the broader community of foundations, public-sector funders, and financial institutions. Members seek opportunities to accelerate economic prosperity while also reducing racial, ethnic, and gender wealth gaps in areas such as improved savings for low to moderate income families and increased Fintech opportunities.

Regional Focus Areas

  • Financial technology
  • Emergency savings   
  • Financial access

Upcoming Events

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LA AFN Resources

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Chapter Highlights

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Are you a Louisiana grantmaker interested in joining this chapter? Contact us to learn more.


Brandon Rapp, brandon@assetfunders.org
Abby Hughes Holsclaw
, abby@assetfunders.org

Steering Committee

Picture of Delores
Delores Hurst


Capital Area United Way

Jamie Schmill


Foundation for Louisiana

Jannease Seastrunk


Red River Bank

Mary Ambrose

United Way of Southeast Louisiana

Isabel Barrios

The Greater New Orleans Foundation

Sarah Berthelot

Louisiana Association of United Ways

Tristi Charpentier

Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation

Chiquita Lattimore

United Way of Southeast Louisiana

Alex Ruder

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Kathy Saloy

Hope Enterprise Corporation

Jana Sikdar

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Picture of Tori
Tori Thomas

United Way of Northwest Louisiana

Erika Wright
Erika Wright

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kristin Zatta

Entergy Charitable Foundation

Abby Hughes Holsclaw

Senior Director

AFN Staff

Brandon's picture
Brandon Rapp

Louisiana Program Officer

AFN Staff

Fintech Funders Launch New Effort to Help Louisianans Build Emergency Savings

Louisiana-focused funders and financial institutions will invest more than $1 million to expand financial coaching services across the state to help Louisianans build emergency savings and increase their financial health. LEARN MORE

Connecting Philanthropy and Financial Institutions through Fintech

As a follow up to the release of 2021’s Philanthropy and Fintech: Identifying Opportunities for Engagement, LA AFN launched a series of webinars in 2022 designed to increase understanding around potential fintech solutions among philanthropy and practitioners across the state.

These sessions focused on the importance of utilizing fintech in LA and how to incorporate fintech into funders existing or emerging grantmaking strategies as well as municipal programming. LEARN MORE

Louisiana AFN Building Savings Summit

Philanthropy and Fintech: Identifying Opportunities for Engagement


LA AFN and the Financial Health Network is pleased to share our new brief created in response to growing interest in fintech across the state. Designed as a guide for funders, it provides a brief overview of fintech and its application in the financial health field, examines possible applications to Louisianans’ financial health challenges, and seeks to encourage funders to engage with fintech to support their grantmaking goals. LEARN MORE

Fintech Cover