The Puget Sound Asset Funders Network engages grantmakers as well as the public sector and community organizations to confront inequities and advance equitable wealth building and economic mobility.

We believe economic justice requires systems change and shifting wealth and power to prevent further harm from the generational loss of wealth and to build wealth for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Immigrant, and other communities of color.

Our regional network of grantmakers—private, public, corporate, and community foundations— view the concept of assets broadly to address root causes of inequity across health, employment, business ownership, housing, post-secondary education, and public and private debt, among other areas, which support household as well as community and intergenerational family wealth. Puget Sound area grantmakers should contact Annette Case if interested in joining this chapter.

How We Work

  • Inform: Puget Sound AFN highlights promising practices, key issues, and innovations in the field through funder-only dialogues as well as other community wide convenings. Members help generate, share and learn from research, webinars, briefs, ideas, and strategies delving into the roots of systems which create wealth disparities, exploring new frameworks and transformational solutions. We discuss and advance opportunities for concrete action in the short term that build for the long term.
  • Connect: Puget Sound AFN members build and benefit from new partnerships with funders, community organizations, and policymakers. Voices from multiple perspectives and across sectors seed and grow ideas for change. Working together adds capacity for bolder action. The Steering Committee convenes monthly and holds community wide events regularly to learn together, act, and invest. Regional members also regularly connect with our national network of peers
  • Influence: Puget Sound AFN engages key stakeholders to grow their knowledge and support. This includes efforts to shift narratives of wealth and power by making visible the hidden and unwritten rules that support white privilege and hold people from other communities back, and developing narratives that catalyze public will for changes that promote equity. AFN also identifies and supports initiatives that help change the rules to advance racial and wealth equity.
  • Build: Puget Sound AFN seeks to grow our coordinated network of funders advancing racial economic justice by addressing root causes of wealth disparities. Philanthropy plays a critical role in generating capital flow, seeding big ideas and acting collectively in ways that align with and move our racial and economic justice goals forward. Access training to advance our collective action such as our ongoing system change/policy advocacy series.

Regional Focus Areas

  • Closing Wealth Gaps
  • Improving Financial Health
  • Affordable Housing/Land Return/Homeownership

Upcoming Events

Puget Sound: Maintaining Momentum for Economic Justice
A 2-Part Series

December 1, 2021: Boosting Access to Cash During the 2022 Tax Season LEARN MORE

January 11, 2022:  Housing Security, Credit, and Debt – Realizing the promise of rental assistance and eviction protection reforms to promote and preserve safe housing, health, and wealth LEARN MORE

Puget Sound in the News

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Upcoming Events


Are you a Puget Sound area grantmaker interested in joining this chapter? Contact us to learn more.


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Chapter Highlights

WHAT COMES NEXT? Challenges and Priorities for Creating a More Equitable Future

On June 4, 2021, Puget Sound AFN and West Coast Poverty Center invited fellow stakeholders from the policy, non-profit, philanthropic, and research sectors for shared learning and conversation about upcoming challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to discuss opportunities the pandemic revealed for how we can work together to provide shared prosperity for all. LEARN MORE

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Learn more about our collaboration

In 2020, Puget Sound AFN launched a collaborative project to prevent further harm from the continuous generational loss of wealth and to purposefully build wealth for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color and immigrant and refugee communities. Acting together in this capacity, we aim to advance thriving communities throughout our region.

View the launch event video featuring Don Baylor AFN Board Chair and Andrea Sanderson Caupain, CEO of Byrd Barr Place.

COVID-19 Reponse

The Seattle Foundation sponsored the launch of All In WA, a coordinated statewide COVID-19 relief effort powered by a coalition of public officials, companies, philanthropic leaders, community foundations, United Way organizations, community leaders, frontline nonprofits, and individuals. These groups came  together to provide immediate critical and emergency support for workers and families most affected across Washington State, and to mobilize committed community and philanthropic groups to go All In for WA.  LEARN MORE ABOUT ALL IN WA

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Disparities by Design – Breaking the Tax Code of Racial Wealth Inequities

On November 19, 2020, Puget Sound AFN, in partnership with the Washington State Budget and Policy Center, met to discuss how the racialized history of our state property and sales tax creates wealth advantages for some while extracting wealth from and further disinvesting in Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color as well as low income households, continuously widening wealth inequities.

We discussed promising solutions on the table for the next legislative session designed to change the structure for greater equity while generating needed revenue to invest in our communities. We also provided opportunities for philanthropy to support immediate system changes as well as help build for a redesign of the tax code over the longer term to support racial wealth equity.