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AFN is the only grantmaker membership organization focused on building economic well-being for all.

Grandmother, mother and daughter spending time together at home.

NEW BRIEF: On Shaky Ground 

While the economic fragility of women is threatening to families, communities and the national economy, On Shaky Ground provides investors an opportunity to influence and develop individual, community, and systemic interventions by supporting the single women who function as the financial backbone of their families and neighborhoods. NEW – Read Now.

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At the conference, we will explore how funders can continue expanding common ground by investing in economic opportunities, inclusion, and equity.  Learn more about the 2019 Conference | View the 2017 Conference materials

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Webinar: A Grantmaker’s Guide to Investing in Impactful Financial Capability Programs

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AFN is philanthropy’s one and only membership organization focused on building economic well-being for low and middle income people.

Asset building helps families stop simply getting by and start getting ahead.

Our members combine know-how with networking to confront inequity and invest in change.