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Annual Reports

The Asset Funders Network is pleased to share our 2023 Annual Report.

For 19 years, AFN has provided a forum for grantmakers and financial institutions to connect, collaborate, and collectively invest in helping more people achieve economic security.

This report reflects our work over the past year, celebrating AFN’s innovative research, engagement opportunities, and movement building.

2023 Annual Report

Report Highlights

Engaging 165 institutional members investing in asset building across the U.S.

56 learning opportunities
advancing the latest insights and strategies from the field

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Partnered with more than 162 thought leaders on events and publications

Mobilized 114 unique organizations to collaborate on 28 jointly funded initiatives

National Snapshot

AFN Original Research

Published 11 unique issue-based research publications exploring how philanthropy advances policies and practices that support building a more equitable and anti-racist economy. Including:

Heirs’ Property

Lifts up the opportunities in preserving and growing property wealth for Black, Latino, and Indigenous families with inherited properties, stemming from forced sales, investor land grabs, and other losses.

Advancing Economic Justice for People with Disabilities

Addresses how philanthropy can catalyze systemic change and support more responsive programs and policies that consider and mitigate the multiple barriers to economic security and economic mobility faced by people with disabilities.

I appreciate AFN’s focus on economic justice for persons with disabilities and their intersectional approach. The brief’s disaggregation of data is crucial in learning what barriers keep us from advancing access to quality jobs, healthcare, and education for those with disabilities.

JEFF KIM | The California Wellness Foundation

Informing Members on Emerging Issues


Series of case studies featuring five AFN members who are actively addressing racial bias by deliberately integrating economic justice and equity into their grantmaking, policies, and operations. These five funders share their personal journeys, insights, and reflections.


Learning sessions for members seeking to invest and deepen their support in Native American entrepreneurship in the U.S. Co-created in partnership with Roanhorse Consulting, LLC, and Native Women Lead.

Select Regional Highlights

Central Texas (Austin)

Collaboratively funded a business case, public polling, and community engagement strategy to advance solutions for a strong and financially sustainable early childhood ecosystem in Central Texas. Aligning with local government, community partners, and business leaders, the co-funded strategy envisions an ambitious expansion of high-quality early care and education for children from birth through age three while building a solid early childhood workforce pipeline and increasing equity in the ability to enter the workforce and secure financial mobility for families.

Puget Sound

Advocated for wage equity in the City of Seattle, successfully securing a 2% increase in wages for human service providers. Members and funders developed a report showcasing philanthropy’s current and future efforts to address wage equity and job quality, as a root cause of wealth inequity. The report, supported by a funder letter and testimony, played a crucial role in advancing the wage increase in addition to inflation adjustments in contracts for human service providers.

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