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2020 Annual Report

The Asset Funders Network 2020 Annual Report shares a high-level snapshot of our work over the last year as well as some deeper highlights of the work being done on the ground.

The Asset Funders Network is pleased to share our 2020 Annual Report. AFN’s mission is to engage philanthropy to advance equitable wealth building and economic mobility, and we were able to continue to advance this important work in the midst of a difficult and illuminating year.
Looking back on 2020, the most frequently used modifiers were “unexpected” and “unprecedented.” Yet, the racial and gender inequities are not new. The burden of the pandemic and of economic costs disproportionately borne by people of color, women and essential workers reflect persistent economic and power imbalances. Philanthropy and our communities continue to have the opportunity to focus on the gaps in crisis response, facilitate efforts to distribute a vaccine in disinvested and excluded communities, and build investments supporting systemic equity in income and wealth building.
We are grateful to our members and partners for their collaboration to advance equitable wealth building for all.

Report Highlights

55 Learning Opportunities

National Network with a Local Presence

Leading regional chapters, coordinating place-based efforts, and representing the sector in 25 states where funders came together to learn and collaborate on issues of local importance and priority.

Regional Highlights


Place-Based Highlights

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Southern Partnership to Reduce Debt (SPRD)

Partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s multiyear, multistate effort that seeks to close the racial and ethnic wealth gap through policy and practice solutions focused on household debt. The effort involves a network of national organizations and more than 20 state and local organizations working in seven southern states.