Federal and state Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) are policies that benefit low paid workers, helping boost income and improve child well being. Due to long standing occupational segregation, women and people of color represent the greatest share of workers in jobs that pay low wages, and therefore would stand to benefit the most from EITCs. Recent changes at the federal level and innovations in the states over the last several years expanded refunds and access to previously excluded households.

On October 21st we explored replicable innovations that state organizations are developing to improve economic security and lessons learned about what it takes to pass these policies .

Together we explored the role philanthropy can play to support innovations along the way – from seeding ideas to ensuring full scale implementation — and all the twists and turns in between.


Rachel Isacoff (Moderator), The Rockefeller Foundation
James Jiminez, New Mexico Voices for Children
Abby Levine, Bolder Advocacy
Ami Nagle EITC Funders/EOF Funders
Emily Vyhnaneck, Washington Budget and Policy Center

Change Makers Activate! Series

This webinar was the third in a series designed to inspire and activate grantmakers’ voices in policy and advocacy as well as help funders support nonprofit partner policy change efforts. The previous webinars can be viewed anytime:

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