Occupational segregation and employment discrimination, created by longstanding and current policy choices and practices, are root causes of wealth inequities. The global pandemic sent a shock wave through the labor market plainly revealing the inequalities in how we value jobs and people. Momentum also shifted to spark imagination and actions to begin transforming how we work and live.

Puget Sound AFN and Philanthropy Northwest invite you to this event as together we:

  • Walk the throughline to understand occupational segregation and the role it plays in wealth inequities.
  • Explore new concepts and ideas about our relationship to work.
  • Discuss opportunities for funders, public sector, and nonprofits to lean into and invest in joy, well-being, dignity, and respect in ways that address wealth inequities and advance the movement for economic justice at work.

Rebecca Dixon, Executive Director, NELP
Victoria Santos, Co-founder and Co-Executive Director, BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington State
Marie Kurose, Chief Executive Officer, Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County
The speaker list is still under development.

This event is the 3rd in a series examining root causes of wealth inequities and exploring opportunities for funders, the public sector and communities to advance new frameworks for economic justice.