Annette Case serves as the Pacific Northwest Program Officer for Asset Funders Network. Annette is an experienced advocate, policy researcher and analyst, leader with over 20 years dedicated to advancing economic security and opportunity for people in their communities.  As a consultant to nonprofit organizations and philanthropy, Annette has helped create new policy organizations and community coalitions, supported policy change increasing the level of services available to families working to make ends meet. She has conducted research and co-authored reports developing evidence-based policy solutions such as promoting greater stability in a time of growing precarious employment and reducing debt from inequitable fines and fees.  Annette’s topical expertise focuses on the fundamental elements of economic security and their intersections such as wages, jobs, housing, health care, education and food, structural pathways/barriers to racial and gender equity, income and wealth building as well as tax and budget issues. She works in partnership with local, state, and national organizations to deepen capacity for action, develop policy solutions, inform public debate, and advance change.

In addition to recent work with the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Annette has worked with the University of Washington West Coast Poverty Center, The Northwest Area Foundation, Strategies to Eliminate Poverty Project, the Seattle Foundation, FutureWorks, The Working Poor Families Project, City of Seattle, and the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities in Nevada.  Annette has served as an independent consultant since 2005. Prior to her time as a consultant, Annette focused on job quality and workforce development initiatives with the Seattle Jobs Initiative and with the Economic Opportunity Institute.

Annette holds a Masters of Public Administration from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs.