The Greater New York Asset Funders Network has heard many regional funders call to support Guaranteed Income (GI) as an income floor to build financial stability, savings and assets. Building on a broad and diverse movement, regional funders have called for more tailored and place-based conversations within and across philanthropic organizations to explore key questions, opportunities, alignment and collaboration to build on insights and data and support next steps for guaranteed income programs.

On February 6, 2024, the Greater New York AFN and Shafeka Hashash, Associate Director, Guaranteed Income at Economic Security Project, invited funders to learn more about ESP’s guaranteed income blueprint and how state and regional funders are aligning at the state and regional level to support GI.

The GI Roundtable provided a platform for an ongoing exchange of ideas to grow support for GI through:

  • Shared updates, research and innovations from thought leaders
  • Facilitate and deepen peer learning and funder engagement
  • Drive and align narrative change work to support GI and financial security more broadly
  • Drive opportunities for shared advocacy collective action toward longer-term policy solutions at the state and local level

ESP’s guaranteed income blueprint
Trust Survivors Report
Guaranteed Income: A Primer for Funders
NMEE Policy Brief Final.pdf

Guaranteed Income Community of Practice
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