What is vital about the health-wealth connection for children 0-3?

How can philanthropy contribute to improving health-wealth outcomes for young children and families?

What programmatic interventions and systems level changes best support young children to thrive, especially during the COVID-19 health and economic crisis?

On June 3, 2020, AFN convened a presentation to share findings from the new brief, Advancing Health and Wealth Integration in the Earliest Years, discussing how important investing in the intersection between health and wealth is for young children ages 0-3, what programmatic interventions exist, and what systems level change is needed to improve the health-wealth outcomes for young children and families.

The brief’s author, Annie Harper, Ph.D., Program for Recovery and Community Health, Yale School of Medicine, along with Wendy​ Chun-Hoon​, Family Values ​@ Work​, Amanda Feinstein, Oakland Promise​ Brilliant Baby​, and Christi Baker, Program Officer, Asset Funders Network shared about:

  • The latest research on the health-wealth connections that matter for our youngest children.
  • An on-the-ground example of integrated services for young children.
  • Perspectives from a grantmaker investing in the intersection of health-wealth services.
  • Strategic recommendations to improve health and wealth outcomes for young children.

During a child’s earliest years, we have the greatest opportunity to set the conditions for our children to thrive. Conditions within the household and the broader environment in these early years significantly impact the health and wealth outcomes of future adults. For children ages 0-3 to thrive, they need: food security, financial stability and assets, low stress, access to quality health care and child care, safe neighborhoods, clean air and water, freedom from discrimination and racism, a sense of belonging, and hope for a bright future. This webinar will offer you investment strategies that increase the health and wealth of all children.

This series builds on ideas presented in the 2017 issue brief The Health and Wealth Connection: Opportunities for Investment Across the Life Course and the 2019 brief Pioneering Health and Wealth Integration for Children.

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