Authentic “trust-based philanthropy” requires alignment of values, skills, tools, resource mobilization strategies, and clarifying common definitions. It can address and challenge inherent power dynamics between grant-seekers, grant-users, and community, by helping grant-makers rethink their relationships and responsibilities. Are grant-makers “check-writers” focused on due diligence of their grants (usually only 5% of a foundation’s financial capital), or do they demonstrate that they are “grant-making partners” focused on servant leadership to those who they fund and to the community? Trust-based philanthropy can offer a spectrum of ways to rethink how funder organizations authentically partner with communities by leveraging their financial, social, moral, intellectual and relational capital in ways.

On December 12, 2023, the Greater New York Asset Funders Network held a regional virtual convening to learn from grant-makers who are integrating “trust-based philanthropy” and inclusive strategies in their grantmaking. This session equipped viewers with frameworks, knowledge, lessons learned, and vocabulary to consider as they advance trust in the communities they serve and alongside the nonprofit partners they fund.

Goals of the session:

  • Explore various definitions, tools, and frameworks that inform trust-based philanthropy.
  • Deepen understanding of trust-based philanthropy as it connects to cross-cutting goals of racial equity, enterprise capital, and financial health.
  • Uplift models of trust-based philanthropy in corporate, private, and community foundations.
  • Share frameworks and tools for community engagement and accountability
  • Learn how community inclusion is influencing change in data, reporting, accountability and metrics in grantmaker strategies – without creating undue burdens for grantee partners who seek grants.

Tene Traylor, Moderator, Vice President and Senior Fellow, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at Urban Institute
Kristen Scheyder, Senior Program Officer, Citi Foundation
John Brothers, President, T Rowe Price Foundation
Camille Emeagwali, Senior Vice President of Programs and Strategic Learning, New York Women’s Foundation

Resources Shared:

Trust-Based Philanthropy (
TBP or Not TBP? A Reflection on MacKenzie Scott’s Giving — Trust-Based Philanthropy (
T. Rowe Price Report: 2022 State of the Baltimore Nonprofit Sector
How Foundations Can Build Trust-Based Relationships With Grantees (