How can feedback promote equity?

On October 5 North Texas AFN held a webinar to answer this question and learn how the nonprofit sector – both grantmakers and practitioners – are centering client voices to promote inclusion, collaboration, inquiry and openness. We learned about the innovative ways your peers are listening to the people most impacted by the work in order to promote collective voice, decision making, and in some cases, shifting power dynamics.

During this one hour virtual session, we:

  • Discussed the concept of high quality feedback loops and under what circumstances they can promote equity;
  • Learned from peers who have shifted and evolved their use of feedback loops to deliberately promote equity;
  • Left you with specific actions you can take to implement these approaches into your work.

This learning session was open to both grantmakers and nonprofit practitioners interested in learning about how to integrate those least heard to both be empowered and to benefit from more responsive and equitable outcomes.


Rev. Cory Anderson, Chief Innovation Officer, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Elaina Mulé, Director, Community Development Group, Charles Schwab Bank
Valerie Threlfall, Managing Director, Listen4Good
Elizabeth Rosas-Landa, Vice President of Information Technology, The Resurrection Project