Asset Funders Network introduces the Equity Amplifier for Economic Security (EA), a monthly spotlight series highlighting organizations or nonprofits focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color.

North Texas Asset Funders Network (NTX AFN) recently concluded its funding to ten deserving organizations. The eligibility criteria focused on supporting organizations led by individuals of color, operating with an annual budget under $700,000, and providing essential economic mobility services in Dallas or Tarrant County.

NTX AFN turned to the nonprofit database of Communities Foundation of Texas to identify eligible organizations, creating a pool of potential candidates. The selection process, led by Fran Rosebush Taylor and Annika Little of AFN, along with Ashley McIver from Communities Foundation of Texas, used a randomizer to choose the first two grantees, one from Dallas County and another from Tarrant County.

The relay selection method followed, where the initial two grantees nominated subsequent recipients for four rounds. Expressing gratitude for the funding, grant recipients emphasized feeling truly “seen” and validated in their work. For many, this marked their first experience receiving a grant.

Grantmakers wanted to focus on this particular group of organizations through mentorship. As a result, an ad hoc committee has been established to delve into the next steps for the organizations, exploring the funding required to provide essential services to support their development.

The Relay Grants not only give crucial financial support into deserving organizations but also mark a significant shift towards trust-based philanthropy, emphasizing relationships, transparency, and a commitment to the long-term success of grant recipients.

Thank you to all who participated in the Relay Grant process! Read the 10 profiles below.

Fort Worth, TX – The purpose of Jewel’s Comfort Keeper is to provide individuals going through the reentry process with another chance at being successful in this journey called life. Jewel’s Comfort Keeper strives to provide a safe environment both physically and mentally.

Dallas, TX – The mission of 3n1 Trinity Services is to make available educational instruction and training to help individuals of the general public to become self-sufficient and gainfully employed. They provide informal education to enhance people’s everyday lives. They offer opportunities for adults to develop basic learning and communication skills, skills to help complete their high school education and develop the necessary skills to expand their knowledge in their area of interest. The intent is to effectively enhance the life of the whole child by improving and developing the family and community structure.

About the Equity Amplifier

The EA serves as a space where philanthropy can engage with communities of color and examine how funders are addressing concerns in a manner that is intersectional and inclusive. Each month, AFN members will have the opportunity to access organizations and nonprofits in communities of color that are focused on economic security and asset building, including an informational brochure and a brief interactive virtual video presentation.

As a benefit of AFN membership, funders may nominate local nonprofits focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color to highlight as part of the EA series. AFN members will also receive the opportunity to participate in a brief interactive virtual video presentation that will be shared with national AFN membership, allowing your organization to showcase innovative models and best practices to help build a more secure future for diverse communities.

How can funders get involved?

For more information about the work that AFN is doing in North Texas, contact Amanda Arizola at

For more information or to nominate an organization or nonprofit led by people of color for the AFN EA, visit our website or contact AFN at