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Funding and Growth in the
Children’s Savings Account Field:


Despite significant challenges presented by the pandemic, the CSA field continues to grow, with new programs launching across the country and hundreds of thousands of children enrolling each year.

Our fourth biennial study of private and public funding in the CSA field provides insight into the types of organizations that fund CSAs and how those funds are used.

Key Findings include
  • Funding was strong in 2021, and a boom is coming

  • CSAs rely on both private and public funding
  • Collaboration and partnership drive success

By fostering a college-bound identity early in childhood, children’s savings account (CSA) programs can help put more children on a path to postsecondary education. CSAs are also associated with improved social emotional development in early childhood, educational performance in elementary and secondary school, child health, maternal mental health, and parents’ educational expectations for their children.

CSAs are flourishing

Funders are making investments in CSAs across the Country

Funders are making investments in CSAs across the country

Private and Public Funders Provide Essential Support

Dollar by dollar, most CSA funding comes from public sources - but private orgs make up the majority of CSA funders

Looking Forward

The CSA funding field remains strong despite pandemic-related challenges

A massive funding sure is on the horizon

Both public and private funds are essential to the CSA field

State-local and public-private partnerships offer an opportunity for growth, innovation, and sustainability