In honor of International Women’s Day, the Asset Funders Network, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program, Care for All with Respect and Equity (CARE) Fund, Economic Opportunity Funders and EITC Funders Network held a webinar to learn about how we can build a gender-equitable economy in which women and their families can strive, thrive, and reach their full potential.
Over the past year, the Women in the Economy* project at the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program has been in deep conversations with working women across the U.S. to gain their insights about the causes of their economic insecurity, what they see as the most promising solutions, and their vision for a gender-equitable economy. The project included in-depth, one-on-one interviews and a national survey to identify challenges and solutions prioritized by women who hold many, intersecting identities–race and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, immigration status, experience with incarceration, physical and economic abuse, and other factors that contribute to their economic marginalization. The webinar lifted up interview and survey findings, and engaged participants in a discussion about policy, program, and market-based solutions.

We explored:

  • Key drivers of gender economic inequity in our economy
  • Solutions rooted in women’s wisdom and lived experience
  • Opportunities for philanthropy to collaborate and align funding around key solutions


Mona Masri (Moderator), Asset Funders Network
Céline Apollon, 
Aspen Institute, Financial Security Program
Wendy Chun-Hoon, Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau
Dena L. Jackson, Texas Women’s Foundation
Josephine Kalipeni, Family Values at Work
Heather McCulloch, Aspen Institute, Financial Security Program


*The project’s use of the term “women” is inclusive of cis-, transgender and non-binary people and includes LGBTQIA+ folk; and the term “working women” includes women who are providing care for family members or others without compensation.