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1: What’s your main interest/focus on asset building in 2020?

Traditional asset building programs with goals of achieving long-term economic stability have had to adapt to meet the challenges brought on by COVID-19. For example, in the midst of the COVID-19 economic crisis consumers are no longer working on building emergency savings when they’re experiencing financial hardship and have immediate needs such as food and housing. Therefore, my interests have shifted to exploring emergency cash assistance programs and programs that help individuals and families in crisis.


2: What’s the most “ah-ha” provoking new book or research that you’ve read in the past year?

I found Prosperity Now’s latest research brief, The Fragile Financial Stability of Immigrant Households in Light of COVID-19, fascinating and thought provoking. It’s impactful to study the economic impact of immigrant households on the U.S. economy and eye opening to explore the everyday barriers they face in achieving financial stability of their own.


3: What advice would you give to a colleague starting out in the asset building field?  

Attend as many convenings and trainings as possible to develop relationships, build a network and expand your knowledge. Hearing from on the ground practitioners will provide invaluable training and insight into what communities really need. Finally, sign up for mailing lists from key partners to keep up to date on their work and research.

4: What is your favorite vacation spot or most memorable leisure trip? 

My favorite place to vacation is Maui, Hawaii which I first visited as a child. Years later, my husband and I were married in the same part of the island that I had visited with my family.  I enjoy the pace of island life, the way the air smells, and the beauty of the tropical landscape.


About Lisa Price, VP, Financial Health Philanthropy Program Manager, Wells Fargo

I execute the strategy and manage investments for the Financial Health philanthropy portfolio including overseeing grant relationships, working closely with internal and external stakeholders and collaborating with line of business partners on financial health issues, product development and approaches to create pathways to economic opportunity for low- and moderate-income, racially diverse, and under-resourced individuals, families, and communities.