The affordable housing conversation frequently centers on creation of new rental units and rehabilitation of currently owned housing stock, both important pillars of a comprehensive housing strategy. With home ownership one of the most reliable paths for low-to-moderate income (LMI) families to build intergenerational wealth, we must also talk about opportunities to make home ownership attainable for new LMI buyers. Community land trusts are gaining increasing traction as a strategy to open homeownership to new families and preserve affordability in changing communities.

On May 1st the San Antonio Area Chapter of the Asset Funders Network together with LISC San Antonio and partners – including The City of San Antonio, Culturingua, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Family Service, the Mexican American Unity Council, and the San Antonio Housing Trust – hosted breakfast and a two-part panel discussion on current land trust activity in San Antonio and future opportunities for action.

Hosted By:
Katie Sirakos, Asset Funders Network
Leilah Powell, LISC San Antonio

Panelists Include:
Barbara Ankamah Burford (Moderator), Wells Fargo
Andrea Figueroa (Moderator), San Antonio Area Foundation
Nadia Mavrakis, Culturingua
Graciela Sanchez, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
Ian Benavidez, City of San Antonio
Crystal Requejo, Mexican American Unity Council, Inc (MAUC)
Pedro Alanis, San Antonio Housing Trust
Richard Davidson, Family Service
Jason Webb, Grounded Solutions Network

Grounded Solutions
University of Texas at Austin’s CLT Toolkit:
Grounded Solutions Network’s CLT map:
City Of San Antonio’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan:

Special Thank you to our event sponsors: