Regional Event, Webinar in Puget Sound

Puget Sound: Maintaining Momentum for Economic Justice Part 2

Maintaining Momentum for Economic Justice – A two part series

The economic crash caused by COVID underscored and compounded historic racial inequities and also demonstrated how policy choices matter to improve well being and advance equity. Federal and state policy actions and supports such as eviction moratoriums, paid family leave, unemployment insurance, expanded federal tax credits, state emergency assistance, and state tax and eviction reforms, among others, arrived at a critical time and expanded access to households previously excluded to help families stay housed and healthy. In Washington, a number of innovative policies recently passed which will continue to support thriving communities. Many families have yet to access the supports available to them. Just as the pandemic continues, the work to fully, equitably, and permanently implement these reforms isn’t over. Please join us for a two part discussion about what’s at stake for Washington families and the role the philanthropic, public and nonprofit sectors can play to continue the momentum to building a more economically just system now and going forward.

Housing Security, Credit, and Debt – Realizing the promise of rental assistance and eviction protection reforms to promote and preserve safe housing, health, and wealth

Eviction can cause a cascade of events disrupting community, education, and care and harming future housing, employment, and access to credit. Rental assistance has begun to flow though many will be left out. Some individuals paid rent with a credit card, some just missed the income threshold, and others may be in challenging circumstances without access to the supports and rights available to them. We face a critical moment to make sure rental assistance and the state’s new eviction protections reach households along with other strategies to support safe housing and financial health. We’ll discuss the current landscape and strategies to support healthy households and an equitable recovery and continued support for economic justice.