Regional Event, Webinar in Greater New York, New York

Deepening and Accelerating Racial Equity: Benchmarks, Metrics, and Measurements

Greater New York AFN Members-Only

In 2020, Prudential Foundation pledged to deepen and accelerate its efforts to drive racial equity.  Prudential’s Inclusive Solutions team, including Prudential Foundation redoubled efforts within its institutional walls and as well as throughout it’s philanthropic portfolio to promote inclusive workspaces, accelerate economic inclusion, and advance racial equity. 

Beginning with a diversity scan of the staff and leadership of their current partners, Prudential has set targets to ensure the majority of their portfolio includes racially diverse organizations, with a strong commitment to measure and track their efforts over time. 

Join Greater New York Asset Funder’s Network on July 20th at 9:00 a.m. -10:30 EST for a member-only discussion about the continued challenges, tested interventions, and promising new insights that are shaping the way we measure racial equity. 

The program will include insights from Prudential on key learnings from their work to measure impact of their racial equity and inclusion commitment, followed by collaborative group conversation and sharing.  Participants should come ready to discuss their own learnings around key questions:

  • How are you benchmarking and measuring racial equity institutionally, with your grantees (CEOs, boards, partners) and constituents? What have been the most promising metrics?
  • Is there value in a shared metric, or definition of success, among funders and practitioners in racial equity?
  • How are you using metrics to strengthen accountability?
  • How can we better engage our partners to strengthen their efforts toward diversity and inclusion?
  • How can we ensure that more organizations look like the communities they serve?  
  • How can we further collaboration and coordination among funders add value to our work? Are there shared metrics that we are all using?



AFN’s 2021 Relief to Resiliency Brief: FRAMEWORK


Please note that this event is for regional (NY, NJ, CT) members only and please register by July 16th to attend this virtual event.