Webinar: Investing in Enduring Advocacy Capacity: The Advocate-Coach-Intermediary Trifecta

Sep 16, 2015

Improving family economic security in communities requires a combination of providing access to opportunity, and changing the systems that create or hinder those opportunities. 

High impact asset-building programs can quickly hit a limit in their ability to scale without broader advocacy and systems change work. 

This webinar explores how funders can support more effective policy change and build enduring advocacy capacity by investing in state, Native and local advocates in conjunction with a network-building intermediary that is harnessing national advocacy coaching and technical expertise, and expanding impact to new communities. 

Attendees joined us September 16th, 3pm ET as we explored how funders can support more effective policy change by incorporating collective impact principles into their grant-making approaches; highlighting specific strategies, tools, and case studies that other funders can apply to their work. 

Christianne Lind, Northwest Area Foundation 
Jennifer Brooks, CFED 
Janet Byrd, Neighborhood Partnerships (OR) 
Loren White, Native CDFI Network and Native American Development Corporation (MT) 

Stephanie Upp, West Coast Manager, Asset Funders Network 


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