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AFN serves as a catalyst for economic opportunity by bringing grantmakers together to learn, connect and reshape the discourse about what is possible. 

AFN is:

A community of national, regional and community-based foundations and grantmakers who are passionate about using philanthropy to promote economic opportunity and financial security for all Americans.

A resource for seasoned grantmakers and those new to the field to learn about promising practices, key issues, collaborations and emerging innovations

A responsive partner addressing the current and emerging interests of its members as well as elevating the timely and relevant issues for the field.

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AFN Regional Chapter Spotlight

North Texas Funders Forum - Asset Funders Network

The North Texas Funders Forum, a regional Asset Funders Network – is a regional network of private and corporate foundations, public-sector funders and financial institutions supporting opportunities for low-wealth individuals and families in the North Texas area to access financial education and services, save, invest and preserve financial assets.  Contact us to join this exciting regional funder effort! 

Join a regional chapter of funders interested in asset building!