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REGISTER NOW:  2015 Grantmaker Conference, Integrating Across Sectors in Dallas, Texas, April 7-9, 2015!

AFN's unique funders-only conference brings together a diverse group of national, regional and community-based funders concerned about a common goal - providing individuals, families and communities with greater economic security and opportunities for growth.

Designed in partnership with Funders in the field, this conference delivers an agenda filled with fresh strategies, evaluation opportunities and results-oriented sessions that every grantmaker can use to leverage the asset building framework to advance the impact of their work.  Register today!

AFN Regional Chapter Spotlight

North Texas Funders Forum - Asset Funders Network

The North Texas Funders Forum, a regional Asset Funders Network – is a regional network of private and corporate foundations, public-sector funders and financial institutions supporting opportunities for low-wealth individuals and families in the North Texas area to access financial education and services, save, invest and preserve financial assets.  Contact us to join this exciting regional funder effort! 

Join a regional chapter of funders interested in asset building!