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April 2015: AFN presents Strategic Philanthropy - a new resource to help funders interested in the economic security and success of families

Developed by the Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP) at Brandeis University, with the generous support of the Citi Foundation, this new paper offers compelling evidence and examples for achieving stronger and more sustainable outcomes by combining asset building with a variety of public and private sector community partners including employment, education, healthcare and affordable housing.

Despite philanthropy's commitments to improve family economic security, stability, and growth, a lack of cross-sector collaboration limits lasting impacts.  

A promising approach for addressing these challenges is utilizing a framework that more effectively ties together and shapes the disparate policies, investment structures, practices, and stakeholders to leverage resources and impacts. The strategic framework of asset development helps to create an effective, integrated, and sustainable system, enabling families to move through safety nets into financial security and opportunity. 

Asset building integration shifts investment goals from remedying deficiencies to building on strengths by increasing capability, access, and opportunity. It enables foundations to integrate and expand the scope, scale, and long-term impact of their work, shifting the focus from families' vulnerabilities to their opportunities for success.

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