Women make the world go ‘round, from their income-producing work to their essential parenting contributions to their community leadership roles. But with many unpaid roles and inequitable pay in all kinds of professions, the women’s wealth gap irrevocably harms our economy, neighborhoods, and families. Improving women’s ability to build wealth is not only good for women, but is essential for the economic well-being of children, families, and our community.

That’s why new attention is being paid to this gap and concrete ways to bridge it. The Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap (CWWG) initiative is a new national network of more than 150 individuals, representing 100 organizations, including many AFN members, working together to advance policies and practical strategies that build wealth for low income women and women of color.

This is just the beginning. In partnership with Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap, AFN is developing a series of funder briefs to further explore how the gender wealth gap impacts women throughout their life cycle and to recommend strategies that the philanthropic community can leverage along the life cycle to support women to build assets.

Join the discussion. Contact Mona Masri about the funder briefs.

To join CWWG contact Heather McCulloch, Director of Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap.