Wealth is the key to ensuring economic security, and it is what enables families to build a better future. Wealth–what you own minus what you owe–acts as the fence between temporary setback and economic catastrophe; it allows us to live and retire with dignity and security.

Read this material to learn more about the relationship between women, race, and wealth, including the findings that show that black women do not experience gains in wealth that typically are expected with aging or increased educational attainment. Young, single black women with a college degree face particularly dramatic stumbling blocks in accumulating wealth.

This resource was shared as part of the 2017 AFN Grantmaker Conference which framed key issues, and elevated promising approaches and timely, relevant research to support strategic and impactful investments. This conference aimed to foster peer-to-peer conversations to help grantmakers bring the desired short and long-term outcomes as reflected in the theme Accelerating Ideas into Action. View all 2017 conference resources.