Housing security is a foundation of asset building strategy. Already the largest monthly expenditure for most families in areas like Greater New York, housing can even require financial juggling as financially vulnerable families struggle to afford rent and other basic necessities. COVID-19 has only exacerbated housing insecurity as many face a looming evictions crisis and home ownership becomes even further out of reach.

On April 27 Asset Funders Network and Philanthropy New York held a discussion on Strategies for Housing Equity in Greater New York.

We explored:

  • Housing within a framework of wealth building
  • Practices and policies that can lead to greater housing access and equity
  • Bright spots in housing programming and policy during and beyond COVID-19
  • Philanthropy’s role to better activate housing access and equity


Mendi Blue-Paca, Chief Community Impact Officer, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation
Daryl Shore, Vice President, Inclusive Economies Prudential
Naomi Zewde, Assistant Professor, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Public Policy
Moderator: Alyia Gaskins, Senior Program Officer, Melville Charitable Trust