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The growing racial and ethnic wealth gap presents a challenge for funders striving to build assets and tackle inequality in the United States. One of the key reasons for the racial wealth gap is that African American and Latino households hold lower levels of business and financial assets. This is one of the key reasons for the racial wealth gap, so it stands to reason that business ownership may be an important means to narrow the gap.

This brief and webinar focus on business owners and the racial wealth gap as related to African Americans and Latinos. As a group, Asian Americans face a smaller and narrowing wealth gap, and hold business and financial wealth at the same level as Whites. Native Americans face substantial challenges in creating income and wealth, but the distinct challenges regarding business ownership in Native and reservation communities merits a separate discussion. Despite the focus of this brief, many of the recommendations it presents could also benefit Asian Americans and Native Americans seeking to create and grow businesses.

Jeanne Wardford from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Daniel Delehanty from Capital One, participated in the webinar.

Of additional value is the related resource brief, Building Assets Through Microbusiness.

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