A mounting evidence base supports Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) as a tool with which to strengthen families’ expectations, bridge access to a range of postsecondary options, and build lifelong habits of saving.

The North Texas AFN summer 2016 funder forum explored the intersections between education and financial security with speakers Alfreda Norman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and special guest Anthony Poore, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The discussion was moderated by Rose Bradshaw, North Texas Community Foundation.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Brief Identifying Short Term Outcome Metrics for Evaluating Whether Children’s Savings Accounts Programs Are on Track builds on the discussion material. Understanding that CSA’s are vital asset building tools that do not come fully to fruition until a child reaches college age, this material asks how to identify if these tools are working.

Other related research includes the North Texas report The State of Texas Children 2016: Race and Equity in Fort Worth examining a specific community in North Texas, and the importance of education and school funding for underprivileged communities.

Dive into these materials to understand how education is an asset building tool for all.