Children’s Savings Account programs (CSAs) are an innovative tool to improve children’s educational attainment and long-term economic wellbeing, particularly for low and moderate income children, And though philanthropy provides over half of the monetary and in-kind support for CSAs in the U.S., relatively little is known about what motivates and deters funders considering investing in CSAs.

Investing in the Future of Our Community: A Case Study on Funders’ Motivations for Supporting Children’s Savings Accounts, a joint project between the Asset Funders Network (AFN) and the Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP), Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, aims to answer primary questions about CSAs: 

  • What motivates funders and potential funders to consider investing in CSAs?
  • How Do Funders Evaluate CSA Success and Shape the Future of Programs?
  • What challenges do potential and committed funders face that may deter some from investing?

 By shedding light on the motivations, influence, and concerns of funders, this report can serve as a tool for committed funders, emerging CSAs, and existing programs to strengthen and grow partnerships.