People’s relationship with money impacts their health. Far beyond healthcare access and affordability, wealth and numerous social factors related to where people live, work, and play impacts a person’s health. Data indicates assets, income, and health are inexorably linked—but why aren’t there solutions?

Most funders are interested in improving the health and well-being of those impacted by their giving, regardless of their formal areas of focus. This is certainly true of asset funders, and it is particularly salient to funders who focus on health. These materials, including a brief, discussion guide, webinar, and webinar presentation, outline the relationship between health and wealth at all stages of life.

These resources were part of the 2017 Grantmaker Conference which framed key issues, and elevated promising approaches and timely, relevant research to support strategic and impactful investments. This conference aimed to foster peer-to-peer conversations to help grantmakers bring the desired short and long-term outcomes as reflected in our theme Accelerating Ideas into Action. View all the resources from this conference.

Resource Sponsors
The Brief and Webinar are generously supported by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., The California Wellness Foundation, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, and Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio.