Financial coaching has gained recognition as a strategy that can improve financial capability and security. Yet within this advancing field of practice, many questions remain.

  1. What is the current size of the field?
  2. How is financial coaching being implemented?
  3. How do organizations, coaches, and funders measure success?
  4. What is needed to support more effective implementation?

To begin addressing these questions and support the growth of the field, the Center for Financial Security (CFS) from the University of Wisconsin in conjunction with Asset Funders Network (AFN) developed the first-ever Financial Coaching Census to better understand the financial coaching field, from its size to its scope, identifying both challenges and opportunities.

The Financial Coaching Census brief explains the methodology, summarizes the key findings and baseline insights, discusses areas for reflection, and identifies actionable steps to move the field forward. The objective moving forward is to deliver the Coaching Census on a yearly basis, allowing the field to track the trends, both positive and negative, that occur as the field continues to grow. These insights will allow funders and organizations delivering coaching to better and more swiftly address the shifting needs of coaching programs, financial coaching practitioners, and financial coaching clients.

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The webinar and brief were sponsored by The Annie Casey Foundation.