To ensure economic security for Californians, our public safety net needs to evolve, and that means getting serious about unrestricted cash support at the state level.

During this legislative cycle, there are many proposals to provide groups of Californians with direct cash supports. From tax credit proposals to reforms in safety net programs, there are critical policy levers California can and should implement now so that all Californians can have the resources needed to live and thrive in the Golden State.

What are the next steps that state leaders can take to make guaranteed income and its principles of unrestricted cash support a reality for California? Our panel of policy experts answered this question and more.

Funder-Only Session: 
Philanthropic Partners joined us after the webinar to share reflections, engage with other funders, and discuss opportunities for future learning + action around the topic of guaranteed income in California.

This California Budget & Policy Center event is being co-sponsored by the Asset Funders Network and Philanthropy California.

Meet the panel:

Shimica Gaskins, President & CEO, GRACE/END Child Poverty in California
Esi Hutchful, Policy Analyst, California Budget & Policy Center (Moderator)
Anna Johnson, Associate Director, Housing and Health, John Burton Advocates for Youth
Sara Kimberlin, Senior Policy Analyst, California Budget & Policy Center