Too many Millennial women are operating under clipped wings that prevent them from achieving economic security and soaring to their full potential.

Existing policies affecting family economic security do not support Millennial women’s rise in educational attainment and resulting student debt burden, nor do they acknowledge the ongoing roles Millennial women play as the primary caregivers for children and other family members.

This live webinar explores how the millennial gender wealth gap is compounded by systemic barriers including lack of affordable childcare and paid family leave policies in addition to student debt, mass incarceration, and changing family structures.

Supporting Millennial women supports our economy. Philanthropy is uniquely positioned to influence and develop interventions by investing in millennial women who are increasingly functioning as the financial backbone of their families and neighborhoods.

The free webinar and its future brief are generously supported by Dallas Women’s Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, and the New York Women’s Foundation. The opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the author, AFN and CWWG and do not necessarily represent those of our sponsors.