Supporting Financial Recovery in the Midst of a Pandemic: How do we support programs that provide financial relief for Arkansans and build efforts for long term policy changes in our state?


10:00 AM – Welcome
10:05 AM – Opening Remarks
10:10 AM – Featured Speaker
10:45 AM – Panel Discussion: ALICE During the Pandemic
11:15 AM – Looking Forward and Closing Remarks

Joanna Ain, Prosperity Now
Lynn Foster, Arkansans for Stronger Communities
Janie Ginocchio, Southern Bancorp
Lee Mahon, Chase
Domink Martjian, Optus Bank
Hillis Schild, ARVEST
Blake Warren Woosley, Heartland Forward
This year’s event focused on supporting financial recovery for families in the midst of the pandemic and we heard from a wealth of speakers who were able to help us identify programs and policies that provide financial relief for Arkansans. In 2021, the BOA+ coalition worked diligently to help improve the financial health of Arkansans through:

  • Serving as a leader in leveraging it’s statewide network when stimulus checks and Child Tax Credit payments began circulating
  • Shifting the narrative about the importance of supporting working families
  • Emerged as a national leader in helping to developing coalitions and/or ones who need a redirection boost to learn from our unique approach and efforts.
We announced several exciting new forthcoming initiatives happening in 2022 to help deepen the legacy of BOA+ with financial institutions, state partners, and community partners across the state, including the launch of Bank On Arkansas+ Delta. Stay tuned for more information to come in the coming months

Remember to visit the Bank On AR+ website to learn more about the program and our certified Bank On products. Visit the event webpage for a recording of the webinar and additional meeting resources.

If you are interested in learning more about Bank On Arkansas+ or about how your financial institution or organization can join, please contact Kara Wilkins at