Pamela Ross is Central Indiana Community Foundation’s (CICF) first vice president of opportunity, equity and inclusion. Pamela leads the organization’s internal process of ensuring equitable policies and practices are operationalized and exemplified in all work of the foundation. She’s also responsible for leading CICF’s organizational initiatives that support increased equity, inclusive economic growth and racial awareness in Central Indiana.

Pamela joined CICF September, 2016 as a community leadership officer and was promoted to her current position April, 2018. Pamela has her masters in social work from the University of Georgia with a concentration focused on community development and program evaluation. She has over 25 years of professional experience in the social services field, managing multiple programs dedicated to improving the plight of children and families. Pamela serves on the board for Kennedy King Memorial Initiative, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and other various committees focusing on disparities in multiple sectors. She is a 2019 Tobias Fellow and vice chair for Indiana Blacks in Philanthropy, an affiliate of Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. She frequently provides presentations, serves on panels of discussion and partners with many organizations delving into issues of race, equity and inclusiveness.

She is a native of Indianapolis but throughout her life, she has lived in other places such as Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston and Iowa. Pam has also traveled to multiple countries in Africa, including an internship in Tunisia for the African Development Bank. Pamela has a great passion for making a difference in the lives of people often left behind. Above many things, she values her family and living a purposeful life.