Andres Lopez is a cultural sociologist and professional research and evaluation scientist. His scholarly work examines how individuals and groups in organizational and urban settings navigate everyday experiences of social inequalities. Utilizing pro-feminist, anti-racist, and queer lenses, he is particularly interested in how these experiences shape and are shaped by gender, race, and sexualities.

In addition to his academic expertise, Andres has over nine years of professional research and evaluation experience. He has worked with the United Way of Greater Kansas City, the Research Institute for Studies in Education, the Religious Leadership and Diversity Project, and on various National Science Foundation-funded projects. Further, many of his experiences have been collaborative, working with a broad range of stakeholders and constituents, including community members, university leaders, and government officials at the city, state, and national levels.

Andres attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City receiving a Masters of Arts in sociology. Beginning his doctoral training at Iowa State University, Andres completed his coursework in the Department of Sociology. He also earned an Education for Social Justice Graduate Certificate from the School of Education at Iowa State. Recently defending his Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology from Oregon State University, Andres is thrilled to be back in his hometown of Portland, OR.