This is the first in a series of 4 documentaries produced by GoDaddy, they are an effective commentary on entrepreneurship and its potential to close the racial wealth gap, and to generate more good jobs in communities long ignored. 
A series of 4 documentaries produced by GoDaddy, these videos are an effective commentary on 

These are truly stories about “equity” and what entrepreneurship means to families of color and how business ownership helps immigrant families integrate into our economy. They tell the story of why life style businesses are so important to our economy and also to combat inequality.
Included in the docuseries is Joyce Klein of Aspen, the author of AFN’s first three entrepreneurship Briefs and Spotlights.  Also featured is Connie Evans of AEO, an AFN ally and featured speaker of our 2013 National conference.
Episodes 2 and 3 feature the work of Communities Unlimited, an Arkansas AFN member:
  • Sequoia Williams – That’s So You Boutique in Little Rock, AR; Episode 2
  • Consuelo Rosales – Consuelo’s Cleaning Services – Jonesboro, AR; Episode 3