Asset Funders Network introduces the Equity Amplifier for Economic Security (EA), a new monthly spotlight series highlighting organizations or nonprofits focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color.



Delta Circles is committed to being a conduit of change to break the cycle of poverty and encourage an  entrepreneurial mindset. Although its programs place a special emphasis on the value and needs of Black women, its overall approach is multi-generational with impactful programs for the entire family. Since 2009, Delta Circles has been working in the Helena-West Helena community to implement high-impact strategy that promotes economic equity and collaboration. It confidently addresses the region’s current reality to create a preferred future for finances, health, and entrepreneurship. Delta Circles advances economic equity through community engagement. It works with multi-generational leaders in communities of color to overcome economic disparities and encourage innovation to re-imagine possibilities for communities to thrive. Its team and community partners provide the momentum to make a difference. Using data-driven models, it provides solutions that impact generational change.

Q&A with Delta Circles CEO Patricia Ashanti

Please provide the name of your organization.

Delta Circles, Inc.

Where are you headquartered?

Helena-West Helena, AR.

What is your organization’s mission or vision?

Delta Circles’ mission is to support families to end poverty, and challenge the way that Black women think about themselves, their finances and their businesses.

Which of the following areas of service BEST describes your organization?  (Select one)

Small (nonprofit) business support and economic development.

Does your organization identify as BIPOC led? What does that look like within your organization? (ie: “We are an organization in which the majority of the Board of Directors are Black and the executive leadership is Latino/Latinx.”)

Yes. Our organization’s board of directors are majority Black and the organization’s founder and CEO is a Black women.

Provide an example of a program or initiative that your organization is spearheading that works to advance economic opportunity and prosperity for BIPOC communities.

We are spearheading the design and implementation of a makerspace and innovation hub to strengthen and support the Black owned small business ecosystem in the Delta.


“Our work advances equity and provides connection to resources for businesses, personal finances, and health.”


How does your work impact communities and populations that are historically marginalized, underserved and/or under-resourced?

It advances equity and provides connection to resources for businesses, personal finances, and health.

What are some specific barriers or biases from within philanthropy that you believe are hindering organizations led by persons of color in accessing adequate funding or support?

The thought that because an organization is small it does not have the capacity to be impactful.

Name one thing funders need to be cognizant of when connecting or partnering with nonprofits or organizations focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color.

A commitment to listen.


About the Equity Amplifier

The EA serves as a space where philanthropy can engage with communities of color and examine how funders are addressing concerns in a manner that is intersectional and inclusive. Each month, AFN members will have the opportunity to access organizations and nonprofits in communities of color that are focused on economic security and asset building, including an informational brochure and a brief interactive virtual video presentation.

As a benefit of AFN membership, funders may nominate local nonprofits focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color to highlight as part of the EA series. AFN members will also receive the opportunity to participate in a brief interactive virtual video presentation that will be shared with national AFN membership, allowing your organization to showcase innovative models and best practices to help build a more secure future for diverse communities.

How can funders get involved?

Funders who wish to learn more about Delta Circles, contact

For more information or to nominate an organization or nonprofit led by people of color for the AFN EA, visit our website or contact AFN at