Closing the Latino wealth gap: Exploring regional differences and lived experiences

By Tonantzin Carmona and Noreen M. Sugrue, Brookings Institute

“The Latino community is not a monolith. Accordingly, Latino wealth should be examined from all angles, taking into consideration Latinos’ differentiating factors, such as racial diversity, immigration status, migration timing, geography, generational differences, lived experiences, and how these factors correlate with wealth-building.

This report is divided into two parts and begins by examining differences in Latino wealth by geographical region, focusing on assets and debt in six states: Illinois, California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and New York. In the second part, Latinos from lower-wealth backgrounds describe their lived experiences, particularly around wealth-building barriers and aspirations, to illuminate potential policy directions. Future reports in Brookings’s Latino wealth series will focus on the other critical differentiators.”

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