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Peer to Peer: Place-Based Insights and Action for Barriers and Opportunities for Black Homeownership

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Homeownership in America is skewed if not broken entirely. Housing, whether renting or owning, is the single largest line item for most Americans. The community we live in– or cannot afford– directly impacts our health, safety, public access, employment, recreational opportunities and education. Yet, affordable housing has failed in many communities as demand for housing far outweighs supply and costs are out of range for many. Black homeowner rate is 47% to 73% white homeownership nationally. Even as more Black Americans own their own homes, many of the rewards of homeownership evade them as homes in primarily Black communities have been undervalued, devalued and depreciated through redlining, racial segregation, and bias in appraisal. Racial segregation still persists in far too many of our communities across the country and strategies to create equity in homeownership will need to target access, affordability, as well as other longstanding obstacles and barriers.

Please join Asset Funders Network on December 16, 2021 for our monthly Peer to Peer series where we will:

  • Share promising models of housing access, stability, and equity
  • Highlight different regional and national strategies to address obstacles to Black homeownership
  • Surface actionable solutions and steps that are working nationally and regionally
  • Connect AFN regions to new project ideas, topic areas, and opportunities through dialogue and exchange


Don Baylor, Lafayette Square
Mercedeh Mortazavi, JP Morgan Chase Foundation
More to be added soon!


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