AFN Member Conversation, Webinar

Peer to Peer: Place-Based Insights and Action for Centering Wealth Equity

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The racial wealth gap continues to widen and grow. According to the Federal Reserve’s 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) Black families had 12 cents of wealth for every dollar owned by the average White American household, Latinx families had 19 cents and as of 2000, Native American households had approximately 8 cents. Asian American people are the most economically divided racial group in the U.S. While segments of the Asian American population have accumulated a large amount of wealth comparable to White people, other segments of Asian Americans have little or no wealth.

Effective strategies to reduce this gap and achieve wealth equity utilize a spectrum of philanthropic approaches with an intentional racial equity lens: from immediate relief and direct assistance to long-term investment and systemic change, while prioritizing self-determination and dignity for people of color. Please join Asset Funders Network on January 20, 2022 for our monthly Peer to Peer series to discuss how AFN members are addressing the racial wealth gap within their grantmaking to achieve wealth equity, and to share challenges, lessons, and strategies for closing the racial wealth gap through strategic philanthropy.

At this session we will:

  • Share promising funding models that center wealth equity and close the racial wealth gap
  • Highlight different regional and national strategies to address obstacles and opportunities to secure wealth equity with communities of color
  • Surface actionable solutions in philanthropy that have supported wealth equity both nationally and regionally
  • Connect AFN regions to new project ideas, topic areas, and opportunities through dialogue and exchange



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