The buildup to this electoral decision has created much anxiety and division throughout communities in America. Together, we are in a position to help maintain focus during what may feel like great unrest. Whatever the outcome, AFN will continue to advance racial and gender equity and necessary systemic change to increase financial security and opportunity. While there is no definite roadmap for this more just future, we do have a clear north star to help guide us. We know that what was pre-pandemic ‘prosperity” benefitted far too few and was simply not where we want our communities, our neighbors and nation to be. And we know lots of things that do work.

I anticipate each AFN Member and Partner will be an advocate in the coming months and years—collaborating with existing and new AFN members within communities.

I fully expect AFN’s work will evolve where we have chapters or projects to lead the way. And I think AFN will be asked to develop supports or chapters in lots of new places as they venture to change systems. AFN is ready.

The election results will help define the policy context and invigorate our approaches, challenges and strategies. AFN commits to continue being nimble and responsive, to be willing to ask the difficult questions to achieve systemic reform enabling racial, ethnic, and gender economic equity, and to use our influence as needed.