Linking Service Delivery and Resources:  How a Baltimore Network is Building Pathways to Financial Stability

May 08, 2014, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

In uncertain times, linked service delivery and resource-sharing among organizations can create a more supportive, local safety net that empowers clients to access services to meet their financial goals and build assets. There is an even greater need for this type of coordination in majority low-income cities like Baltimore, where one of every four residents lives below the poverty line and many teeter on the edge of self-sufficiency.

Asset Funders Network, Maryland CASH Campaign (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope), and the University of Maryland School of Social Work presented a webinar on May 8th, 2014 to demonstrate how a network of financial stability organizations in Baltimore is collaboratively improving the financial lives of residents by connecting through smart referrals and evidence-based training in the basics of financial social work.

The Financial Stability Pathway Project was discussed, results shared from a just released study demonstrating client improvements from these capacity building interventions. The study captured the financial needs, behaviors, and preferences of low-income Baltimore City residents over a 9 month period.   


Note - Recorded Webinar will be available 5/8/14 at approximately 4pm CDT, at this link:

2014-05-08 13.04 Linking Service Delivery and Resources How a Baltimore Network is Building Pathways to Financial Stability from Asset Funders Network on Vimeo.