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People’s relationship with money impacts their health. Data indicates assets, income, and health are inexorably linked. On the one hand, good health is associated with higher wealth and income, better employment and education. On the other hand, we know that adults with more financial resources have better health and live longer lives. Throughout one’s course of life, the challenges of health and wealth are connected. The webinar featured the AFN Grantmaker Brief, The Health and Wealth Connection: Opportunities for Investment Across the Life Course, and highlighted the opportunity funders have to bridge interests and cross silos to make stronger connections between wealth building, economic security, and prevention and health outcomes.

Speakers included Anjum Hajat, PhD, MPH, School of Epidemiology, University of Washington; Padmini Parthasarathy, The California Wellness Foundation; Mark Herbert, Small Business Majority; and was moderated by Mona Masri, Western Region Program Officer, Asset Funders Network.