In 2018, a landmark study by researchers at Harvard and the Center for Administrative Records Research & Applications found that racial disparities in income and other outcomes are visible and persistent.

Join Asset Funders Network and David Williams, Policy Director at Opportunity Insights, for a 30-minute conversation on how race currently shapes opportunity, and how we can reduce racial disparities moving forward.

Based at Harvard University, Opportunity Insights’ team of researchers and policy analysts work together to analyze new data and create a platform for local stakeholders to make more informed decisions.

What do you want to know about existing racial disparities, and what to do about them? Due to the short timeframe, we ask that you submit your questions to us in advance when you register.

About David Williams:

Before joining Opportunity Insights, David A. Williams served as a senior advisor to the Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan. David was a member of the Mayor’s economic development team, managing large-scale real estate and community revitalization projects, neighborhood planning initiatives, and policies related to economic mobility, land use, and equitable development. He received a JD from Harvard Law School where he served as President of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, focusing much of his energy on anti-foreclosure and anti-eviction law and policy. He also worked with the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa in Cape Town on anti-corruption initiatives. After law school, David joined Klein Hornig, a Boston law firm that specializes in affordable housing and community development. David has also worked as a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton and focused his practice on nonprofit and government clients. Learn more about the seminal research and David at