Watch the Webinar Recording.

AFN’s Ask the Author series features short, powerful briefings from thought leaders exploring new research and timely issues.

On June 27, 2018, AFN presented a conversation with lead researcher Priscilla Standridge, Ph.D., author of the new report, GALLUP Global Financial Health Study and discussed key findings on our perceptions of security and financial control, and why it matters.

This project focuses on financial control — the extent to which people perceive they are in control of and can influence their financial situation — an important and complementary dimension within the umbrella of financial health.

Watch the webinar recording now, and learn more about what people in the United States say about their finances and how that compares to perceptions across the world:

  • How do people perceive their sense of financial control and security?
  • What matters about those perceptions?
  • What predicts financial insecurity?
  • What new insights are there on how to improve personal finances in the U.S.?

Thank you to Priscilla Standridge, Ph.D., Gallup, and to our moderators, Evelyn Stark, MetLife Foundation and Christi Baker, Asset Funders Network