Differences in age and education explain very little of racial wealth gaps; the racial wealth gap is similar across age and educational levels. Education itself matters for wealth accumulation but other characteristics of people who obtain college and graduate degrees–family background, cognitive skills, “grit”–also contribute.

In other words, even if everyone had the same college degree, a wealth gap would still exist. No strategy alone–homeownership, education–is likely to result in closing the wealth gap. In fact, the returns on key assets such as homes, education, and savings, appear to be weaker among minority families.

This presentation explores methods for how to improve the financial health, balance sheets and lives of more struggling Americans.

This material was part of the 2015 Grantmaker Conference, which included both regional and community-based funders and thought leaders concerned about a common goal – providing individuals, families and communities with greater economic security and opportunities for growth. View all resources from this conference.

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