The Puget Sound Asset Funders Network and the West Coast Poverty Center invited stakeholders from the policy, non-profit, philanthropic, and research sectors for shared learning and conversation about:

  • upcoming challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • opportunities the pandemic revealed for how we can work together to provide shared prosperity for all.


Greer_circle-cropped (1).pngIn our region as elsewhere in the country, pandemic-related losses have been disproportionately borne by communities of color. Our keynote speaker, Jeremie Greer, co-founder of Liberation in a Generation, highlighted how the historic diversion of resources and wealth away from communities of color shapes the stark, inequitable impacts of the pandemic and described his vision for how shifts in wealth and power can be potential levers for reducing inequity going forward.



  • Jennie Romich, UW/WCPC

Defining the Moment

  • Lori Pfingst, WA Department of Social and Health Services

Panel: Ongoing Challenges

  • Xochitl Makovich, King County Renters Commission
  • Marcos Martinez, Casa Latina
  • Sili Savusa, White Center Community Development Association
  • Lori Pfingst, WA Department of Social and Health Services (Moderator)

Crowdsourcing and Break

  • Share information about under-appreciated impacts of the pandemic and help identify ongoing or upcoming challenges from your perspective/sector


  • Jeremie Greer, Liberation in a Generation

Panel: Opportunities for Change and Increased Cross-Sector Collaboration Going Forward

  • Janice Deguchi, Neighborhood House
  • Kris Hermanns, Seattle Foundation
  • Dr. Karen Johnson, WA State Office of Equity
  • Jennie Romich, WCPC/UW (Moderator)


  • Annette Case (Puget Sound Asset Funders Network) and Jennie Romich (WCPC/UW)