Asset Funders Network, Closing Women’s Wealth Gap, and Dallas Women’s Foundation presented a webinar presentation On Shaky Ground: Stabilizing the Financial Security of Single Women, on August 1, 2018.

We explored the latest data on this gender wealth gap for single women, and opportunities to support the financial health of future generations by stabilizing the financial security of women between 45-65.

The gender wealth gap—exacerbated by a deeper racial wealth gap—goes far beyond wage inequality and is compounded by imbalances in our tax code, employer-based benefits structures, the Social Security system, as well as market-based products and services. Philanthropy is uniquely situated to influence and develop interventions by investing in single women who function as the financial backbone of their families and neighborhoods. Supporting this population of women supports our economy.

The Webinar and soon to be released Brief are generously supported by Dallas Women’s Foundation, AARP, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Chicago Foundation for Women.

Thank you to our presenters Dr. Amy Castro Baker, University of Pennsylvania, Heather McCulloch, Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Initiative, and Dena L. Jackson, Dallas Women’s Foundation.