In 2021, Louisiana Asset Funders Network (LA AFN) created a brief in response to growing interest in financial technology or fintech in the state of Louisiana. Designed as a guide for funders, Philanthropy and Fintech: Identifying Opportunities for Engagement provides an overview of fintech and its application in the financial health field, examines possible applications to Louisianans’ financial health challenges, and seeks to encourage funders to engage with fintech to support their grantmaking goals.

As a follow up to the release, LA AFN launched a series of webinars designed to increase understanding around potential fintech solutions among philanthropy and practitioners across the state through:
  • Developing a common overarching understanding of the term fintech and exploring the broader possibilities surrounding fintech integration across Louisiana;
  • Highlighting that fintech is one tool among many to boost financial access and stability;
  • Showcasing how fintech is connected to other high-priority issue areas for our target audiences;
  • Building a case for investing in fintech to enhance the capacity of the financial health ecosystem.

The May 10th, 2022 session highlighted local and national examples of fintech integration within the nonprofit sector and from the Philanthropy and Fintech brief. We explored the potential to add value for LMI clients who look to trusted providers, such as financial coaches or benefit counselors, to offer training and information regarding various fintech options as a means to improve their financial health.


Delores Hurst,

Director of Community Impact, Income Stability

Capital Area United Way



Jacqueline Ned

Community Outreach Mortgage Lender

Red River Bank/Bank On Baton Rouge



Santiago Sueiro

Senior Policy Analyst, Economic Policy Team





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