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Equity Amplifier

AFN’s pipeline for connecting leaders of color to the philanthropic community.

Equity Amplifier enhances philanthropy’s ability to:

Amplify the voices of organizations led by people of color.

Reduce systemic biases and barriers within philanthropy.

Encourage AFN membership to broaden and deepen their commitment to supporting economic security and asset building strategies that target diverse communities.

How Can Funders Get Involved?

Picture of funders doing important work on Fintech
As a benefit of AFN membership, funders may nominate local nonprofits focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color to highlight as part of the EA series.
AFN members will also receive the opportunity to participate in a brief interactive virtual video presentation that will be shared with national AFN membership, allowing your organization to showcase innovative models and best practices to help build a more secure future for diverse communities.

Considerations for Eligible Organizations

Organizations and nonprofits must meet following criteria to be highlighted as part of the EA spotlight series:
  1. Organizations must be recommended by an AFN member in good standing who is currently or has previously provided funding to the project or organization.
  2. Organizations must be majority Persons of Color (POC)-led based on the following definitions: 51% or more of staff leadership, board, and/or governing body are POC.
  3. Organizations should be able to demonstrate established relationships and have a good track record of working on activities that impact POC communities.
  4. Organizations issue areas must align with at least one of AFN’s issue domains, with a clear preference for projects/efforts that have a clear tie back to AFN regional geographies.
As part of the EA series, AFN members will also receive the opportunity to participate in a brief interactive virtual video presentation that will be shared with national AFN membership and through various social media platforms, allowing your organization to showcase innovative models and best practices to help build a more secure future for diverse communities.
For more information or to nominate an organization or nonprofit led by people of color for the AFN EA, please visit our website or contact AFN at

The Equity Amplifier Directory

The Equity Amplifier Directory (EAD) helps connect grantmakers with diverse organizations and communities in their region. This searchable directory leverages the connections of the AFN network to expressly highlight AFN member grantees focused on building economic security/asset building in communities of color. Be sure to bookmark this page as the directory continues to grow.

Don’t see an organization listed that should be included? AFN members that would like to submit a nonprofit led by people of color can nominate new organizations today.

Filter by:

OrganizationMissionPopulation ServedAFN Issue AreaStateAFN Nominating Funder

A.M.P.E.D. Louisville
The Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED) has two campuses situated in West Louisville, a community that in the past few decades has experienced considerable blight. AMPED hosts programs throughout Louisville, in two zip codes where the poverty rates are 27% and 44%, respectively. AMPED serves youth ages 8 – 18. Jefferson County has the highest opioid overdose deaths in Kentucky, and western and southern Louisville have the highest rates of both drug use and overdose deaths in Louisville; OSTs show promise in deterring kids from drug use and violence.
AllSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipKentuckyThe Rockefeller Foundation

Remix Ideas
ReMix Ideas in partnership with ABE (Advancing Black Entrepreneurship) supports the Black Ownership Movement. Black Ownership is the movement that interrupts cycles of intergenerational poverty and disrupts inequitable systems to create pathways for intergenerational wealth.BlackSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipArkansasWinthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Prosperity Now: Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color (BHINC)
The goals of the Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color (BHINC) are to assist in developing high impact nonprofit organizations of color focused on advancing economic opportunity nationally; build an understanding of the intersection of income, assets and the racial wealth divide; establish networks across sectors to have lasting local influence and advance social change; improve relationships between organizations of color, local organizations and asset-building institutions; and, equip organizations of color to become leading voices in local and national asset-building dialogues and decisions. BlackThe Wealth GapWashingtonJPMorgan Chase

Crescent City Community Land Trust
Crescent City Community Land Trust (CCCLT) is a community land trust that ensures permanent affordability for generations through equitable residential and commercial development, community stewardship, and housing advocacy. AllHousing LouisianaJPMorgan Chase

Encuentro’s mission is to transform New Mexico into a thriving community for all of its residents. We do this by engaging with Latino immigrant families in educational and career development opportunities that build skills for economic and social justice.LatinxEmployment and Income New MexicoNew Mexico AFN

Go. Be. (Formerly Good Work Network)
Good Work Network supports entrepreneurial minority small business owners gain access to the resources they need to succeed and prosper—with a longer-lens focus on building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable economy.BlackSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipLouisianaJPMorgan Chase

Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative (JPNSI)
JPNSI mission is to transform unjust housing policies, discriminatory practices, and inequitable development schemes by engaging in strategies that create permanently affordable housing, advance tenant rights, expand housing security, and uphold equitable housing patterns and land use planning.AllHousing LouisianaJPMorgan Chase

Laguna Community Foundation
Laguna Community Foundation’s mission is to generate resources and charitable support for initiatives that strengthen Laguna Pueblo. Their Employment (E2E) Project is designed to research and define a set of practical workforce development recommendations that reflect the Pueblo of Laguna’s community needs, values, and POL Tribal Priorities to strengthen POL families, workers, employers, and economic infrastructure. IndigenousEmployment and Income New MexicoNew Mexico AFN

Local Initiatives Support Corporation LA
LISC LA is one of 38 offices of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a national non-profit organization supporting community development in cities and rural areas throughout the country. LISC LA serves as an intermediary, building bridges between our local non-profit partners and the resources they need to transform underserved neighborhoods into thriving communities of opportunity and choice.BlackThe Wealth Gap CaliforniaJPMorgan Chase

Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Making and Preserving History
The Marian Cheek Jackson Center's mission is to honor, renew, and build community in the historic Northside, Pine Knolls, and Tin Top neighborhoods of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC. MCJC engages the power of civil rights history; the struggles and strengths of generations of long-term residents; the insights of all who work, live, play, serve, and worship in Northside neighborhoods; and partnership across multiple lines of difference to make community-driven change.BlackHousingNorth CarolinaSelf-Help (Center for Community Self-Help)

Mid City Redevelopment Alliance
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance develops and promotes the growth and revitalization of Mid City Baton Rouge by attracting new and retaining current residents and businesses.AllHousing LouisianaJPMorgan Chase

Montebello Housing Development Corporation
Montebello Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) helps inform, educate and facilitate home ownership for First Time Homebuyers.AllHousing CaliforniaJPMorgan Chase

Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles
NHS strengthens communities by developing and maintaining quality affordable housing, creating and preserving affordable homeownership opportunities, supporting local leaders, providing financial education and increasing the financial independence of families and people in need.Black,
HousingCaliforniaJPMorgan Chase

NEW (New Economics for Women)
NEW is driven by its mission to spark economic mobility for all women and families, particularly Latinas, through wealth creation, housing, education, entrepreneurship, and advocacy for economic justice.LatinxThe Wealth Gap CaliforniaJPMorgan Chase

NewCorp Inc.
NewCorp, Inc. is a private non-profit 501(C)(3) CDFI that provides financial products and services, technical assistance, training, counseling and advisory services to small/medium, minority and women owned businesses.AllSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipLouisianaJPMorgan Chase

Our Village United
Our Village United supports the growth of Black solopreneurs and microbusinesses by delivering targeted technical assistance and shared professional services that empower business owners to grow their operations and scale their businesses.BlackSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipGeorgiaThe Rockefeller Foundation

People Trust
People's Trust​ is a CDFI whose primary purpose is to promote community development by providing credit counseling services, financial support and literacy for communities that would otherwise not receive said opportunities. BlackFinancial HealthArkansasWinthrop Rockefeller Foundation

The Racially Equitable Philanthropy Aimed at Initiating Reparations (REPAIR) is the Seattle Foundation’s multi-year investment designed to acknowledge and account for the harm that philanthropic under investment has caused the Black community for generations. BlackThe Wealth Gap WashingtonJPMorgan Chase

Runway is a community of visionaries, activists, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and grassroots organizers who believe in economic prosperity for Black people and thrive on collaboration, collectivism, and connection. BlackSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipCaliforniaAFN

Skyway Coalition
Skyway Coalition works together to advance equitable community development and support community-driven priorities for community development including, but not limited to affordable housing, economic development, education, transportation and mobility, preservation of the diversity of culture and character of our community, and healthy connected neighborhoods.AllThe Wealth Gap WashingtonSeattle Community Foundation

Black Girl Ventures
To provide Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, capital, and capacity building in order to meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship.BlackSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipWashington, DCMarin Community Foundation

Defy Ventures
To cut recidivism in half by leveraging entrepreneurship to increase economic opportunity and transform livesBlack, Asian and Pacific Islander, LatinxSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipCaliforniaMarin Community Foundation

Sunday Friends
Sunday Friends empowers families to break the generational cycle of poverty by fostering positive development in children while educating and guiding parents to support their children's life success.AllFinancial HealthCaliforniaExcite Credit Union

Latino Business Foundation Silicon Valley
Our mission at the Latino Business Foundation Silicon Valley is to provide empowering resources to existing and future leaders in the business community through long-lasting learning and support. The Foundation’s plan of action stirs the entrepreneurial spirit, support business growth, strengthen local associations and advance leadership.LatinxSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipCaliforniaExcite Credit Union

Excite Foundation
We believe every child should have a savings account and an opportunity to afford college. No matter where they live.AllEducationCaliforniaExcite Credit Union

Self-Help Federal Credit Union
Our mission is creating and protecting ownership and economic opportunity for all, especially people of color, women, rural residents and low-wealth families and communities.

We do this by providing responsible financial services, lending to small businesses and nonprofits, developing real estate and promoting fair financial practices. While our work benefits communities of all kinds, our focus is on those who may be underserved by conventional lenders, including people of color, women, rural residents and low-wealth families and communities.
AllFinancial HealthCaliforniaSilicon Valley Community Foundation

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition
The mission of the Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition (ONAC) is to build and support a network of Native people who are dedicated to increasing self-sufficiency and prosperity in their communities through the establishment of integrated culturally relevant financial education and financial coaching initiatives, as well as seed funded account programs, down payment assistance, free tax preparation, expanded banking access, and other asset-building strategies.IndigenousFinancial HealthOklahomaCities for Financial Empowerment Fund

Allies for Community Business
We believe that entrepreneurs from any background can start and grow businesses that create wealth for their families and communities. We provide the capital, coaching, and connections entrepreneurs need to grow great businesses that create jobs and wealth in their communities.AllSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipIllinoisChicago Foundation for Women

LIFT Chicago
Founded in 1998, LIFT is a national nonprofit headquartered in D.C. with sites across the U.S. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by investing in parents. LIFT;s one-on-one coaching program empowers parents to set and achieve goals such as going back to school, improving credit, eliminating debt, or securing a living wage that put their families on the path to economic mobility. We advocate policy that centers the voices of low-income families and partner with health systems, colleges, and local and national governments to deliver our services across the country.AllFinancial HealthIllinoisChicago Foundation for Women

Teamwork Englewood
To improve the quality of life of the residents and stakeholders of Englewood by facilitating economic, educational and social opportunities.Black, LatinxEmployment & IncomeIllinoisChicago Foundation for Women

Higher Purpose Co.
Build community wealth with Black residents in Mississippi by supporting the ownership of financial, cultural, and political power. Our theory of change is anchored by an integrated model: asset building, narrative change, and advocacy. View AFN'S Spotlight on HPC: Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipMississippi

Texas Muslim Women's Foundation
The mission of the Texas Muslim Women's Foundation (TMWF) is to empower, promote, and support women and their families through education, outreach, philanthropy, and social services. View AFN's Spotlight on TMWF: HealthTexas

New Mexico Native Vote
Build a Native American vote bloc that actively promotes a Native American agenda, underscores the importance of being informed and is involved in issues that affect Native American families and communities. View AFN's Spotlight on NMNV: Wealth GapNew Mexico

Oregon Economic Justice Roundtable
A shared table of funders, advocates, and other nonprofit
organizations, working to advance collective, sustained action
for racial and economic justice.
View AFN's Spotlight on OEJR:
AllThe Wealth GapOregon

Children's Council of San Francisco
By advocating for quality early care and education, empowering families with information and financial support, and building the capabilities of educators, we ensure that every child in San Francisco has the opportunity to reach their full potential.AllSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipCalifornia

Veteran Women's Enterprise Center
To empower Entrepreneur Women Associated with the Military (EWAM) inclusive of veterans, active duty, reservists and military spouses scale for success, the organization establishes strategic alliances, leverage public/private-sector opportunities, advocate for relevant research, services and funding, while simultaneously providing on-site the personal and professional resources they need to succeed.Black, LatinxEducation, Small Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipTexasCharles Schwab Bank

Community Works
CommunityWorks is a non-profit financial organization committed to building a brighter future for underserved families and communities through financial education, lending, and investing. We envision robust and vibrant communities that offer the opportunity for financial equity and economic achievement for everyone.Black, LatinxFinancial HealthSouth CarolinaSelf-Help Credit Union

Durham Community Land Trustees
Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT) is a community land trust that builds strong communities by developing, managing, and advocating for permanent affordable housing. DCLT offers residents with low and moderate incomes a stable foundation for achieving economic security in Durham, NC.Black, LatinxHousingNorth CarolinaSelf-Help Credit Union

Community Link NC
Our mission is to enable individuals and families to obtain and sustain safe, decent and affordable housing.AllHousingNorth CarolinaSelf-Help Credit Union

DreamKey Partners
As a group, we are steadfast in our mission to transform lives, communities, and what is possible through affordable housing. Our vision is thriving communities where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. And our core values define us and guide our behavior and decisions.AllHousingNorth CarolinaSelf-Help Credit Union

The Collaborative
The Collaborative’s mission is to close the wealth gap in North Carolina by ensuring that everyone has a pathway to prosperity. We advocate on behalf of financially vulnerable communities by collaborating with financial institutions, nonprofits, and local government agencies across the state to educate people on building wealth.AllThe Wealth GapNorth CarolinaSelf-Help Credit Union

Hope Credit Union
A Black- and woman-owned and led nonprofit, HOPE provides financial services; aggregates resources; and engages in advocacy to mitigate the extent to which factors such as race, gender, birthplace, and wealth limit one’s ability to prosper. Since 1994, HOPE has generated over $3.6 billion in financing and related services for the unbanked and underbanked, homeowners, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, health care providers, affordable rental housing projects and other community and economic development purposes. Collectively, these projects have benefited more than 2 million individuals throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.BlackThe Wealth GapMississippiArkansas Community Foundation

CoACT North Texas
CoAct is a non-profit design studio. We create strategic responses towards society's most pressing challenges, by developing community centered projects, empowering individuals with effective problem solving practices, and creating resources that contribute to lasting change.Black, LatinxSmall Business, Co-op & Microenterprise OwnershipTexas

Bachman Lake Together
Bachman Lake Together brings together partners and resources to help families support their children's development and take control of their neighborhood's destiny.LatinxEducationTexas

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The legal and socioeconomic foundation of our country is built upon racism and has resulted in deep rooted economic injustice.

Intersectional systems of power and privilege related to gender, race, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, result in a spectrum of structural and systemic inequities that impact an individual’s ability to build assets. Furthermore, race neutral and colorblind approaches have not led to equitable wealth building opportunities.

Through Realizing Economic Justice, we specifically focus on race to show how systemic racism impacts who and how philanthropy allocates resources, and to address the urgency of the outsized power racism holds within the systems that determine who is given access to economic prosperity and mobility.

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Realizing Economic Justice Initiatives

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