Winona Nava is President/CEO of Guadalupe Credit Union. Since 2000 Guadalupe Credit Union’s (GCU) focus has been on serving the unbanked and underserved providing financial empowerment in Northern New Mexico. As a result GCU became a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CFI), a low income depository institution, and a minority deposit institution. Guadalupe Credit provides developmental services to 6 counties in Northern NM meeting the financial needs of those living within those counties including recent immigrants and Native Americans. The credit union provides many developmental services including free one-on-one financial coaching, financial education, asset building depository accounts, second chance checking accounts, and affordable alternatives to predatory lending and check cashing. Winona speaks on this work nationally and has inspired many other credit unions to follow GCU’s lead in serving these populations. She serves on the board of the Credit Union National Association and is Chair of the national Credit Union Foundation.